Brief Letters to Unnamed People 2

Oh dear, oh dear. I would warn you if I could, if warnings are acceptable between acquaintances. No one deserves what happened to me a long, long time ago. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I would hate it especially if it were to happen to you; I like you, you see. From what little I know, you’re wonderful and just a little fragile. The deep of space is bursting inside you– with its bright lights, dense matter, mysterious collisions, dark energies– but you’re just a little brittle on the outside.

Listen carefully, the honey coats and conceals two kinds of poison. Both are slow moving, but potent. You may think, at first, that the solution rids you of your common ails. You will always seek it. Always administered in small and sweet doses, the poisons continue to accumulate in your system. One day, you’ll be surprised to find your bile climbing your throat. The first poison says you are different, too different, a freak. The second poison keeps you hostage.


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